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Camouflage Make Up

Camouflage Make Up

Crow’s Feet
Crow’s feet can be covered by highlighting brow bone, emphasizing eyeshadow and eyelashes.
Apply light eyeshadow to highlight brow bone to create clear eye contour. Apply Khaki color eyeshadow at outer corner of eyes. This camouflages crow’s feet with light refraction.
Never apply heavy foundation and concealer to cover crow’s feet. Crow’s feet become more obvious when you smile.

Dark Circle Under Eyes
Dark circle under eyes can be covered by concealers of different colors.
Bluish dark circle: orange or yellow concealer
Brownish dark circle: green concealer
Apply the right color of concealer before foundation. Apply Radiant Touch (YSL) to enhance eye contour.
Apply concealer to dark circle under eyes without choosing the right color. This may make your dark circles even more prominent.
Skincare Tips
To reduce dark circle under eyes, you may apply vitamin E (from capsule) and massage. Sufficient amount of vitamin C and vitamin E from diet also do a great help.
Product Recommendation
YSL Radiant Touch

Large Facial Pores
Pores can be covered with pore minimizing cream. You should apply the cream in the direction of your pores so that the pores are filled to create a natural and long lasting covering effect.
Apply pore minimizing cream after skincare products. Gently pad with finger tips in order to fill the pores naturally. Finally press with a puff.
Never try to use liquid foundation to fill facial pores because this makes foundation to melt easily.
Skincare Tips:
Mix 5ml Grape Seed Oil with 1 drop of lemongrass essential oil, 2 drops of cypress essential oil and 2 drops of geranium essential oil. Massage your face after cleansing. Then rinse thoroughly.
Product Recommendation

Acne can be covered by green concealer that is designed for acne. Such concealer does not clog pores and may provide a soothing effect.
Apply green concealer around acne. Then apply small amount of concealer with a brush onto acne.
Never apply thick foundation onto acne to create higher coverage. You should also avoid shimmering or shinny foundation, which may make the acne more prominent.
Skincare Tips:
Proper cleansing is extremely important for acne prone skin. You may supplement your diet with B vitamins which help regulate sebum secretion and hence reduce the chance of acne outbreak.

Dull Skin
Skin at T zone is usually dull compared to other part of your face. To camouflage the dullness of T zone, you need blush and base.
Apply purpose color base to neutralize the dullness of T zone skin. Apply purplish red blush and lip color.
Dull skin cannot be covered by applying foundation of a lighter tone. This may only make your make up unnatural.


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