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Fake Eyelashes –Latest, Dramatic and Metal

Fake Eyelashes –Latest, Dramatic and Metal

Every year, the famous Japanese cosmetic brand Shu Ueumra launches attractive and amazing fake eyelashes. This year, its Tokyo Lash Bar (2010) brings you to a new sophisticated Neo-Tokyo with 5 types of cyber and glimmering false eyelashes.

Neo-Reflector $65/ pair
This design idea is inspired by architectural approach of future fashion. Two big moon shape sequins replace the traditional stands of false eyelashes. They are silver coated, elegant, soft and sparkling lashes. The special dimensional design with mirror shine effect gives you a pair of outstanding cyber-chic eye.

Neo-fringe $65/ pair
This Neo-fringe set includes both upper and lower lashes. They are made with gold and silver material with swaying little fringes for an electrifying shine.

Neo-sparkle $65/ pair
This is a pair of upper lashes. The cross false eyelashes are graceful, flirtatious with diamond-like glitter coating each strand of hair.

Space Twist (around $23/ pair)
Space Twist is a combination of Neo-fringe and Neo-sparkle. They are cross false eyelashes made with gold and silver material. Compared to Neo-fringe, gold become the main color scheme. This is more subtle as there is no swaying little fringe on the false eyelashes.

Cosmic Chains (around $23/ pair)
This is a pair of exciting and fresh false eyelashes. There are many of reflective and fluttering circular wings on the false eyelashes establishing the futuristic butterfly feeling.

Other than the metal ones, you can an ordinary one as from Tokyo Lash Bar 2010.

Natural Volume $20/ pair
This simply designed natural false eyelashes emphasizes your eye expression with extra visible volume and length that looks like real lashes.

You can find many more natural false eyelashes on Shu Uemura’s website. It offers brown and black colors as well as V shape and cross shape.

You may find other new and dramatic accent false eyelashes as well.

Partial Floral Feather $25
Partial eyelashes are red and purple feather eyelashes to accentuate your floral eye make-up as if petals were fluttering down your lashes.

Mini Khaki False Eyelashes $18
This pair of false eyelashes is made with alternating strips of black and khaki lashes. Lash line is extended for a flirty look. They are a good choice for applying at the outer corners of the eye.

Dazzling Black Diamante False Eyelahses $27/pair
The design is inspired by Shu Uemura’s diamond-lined false eyelashes created exclusively for Madonna. Cross false eyelashes are highlighted with a line of Classic black diamante band.

How to Apply False Eyelashes
The following usage directions on applying false eyelashes are from Shu Ueumra’s official website:

  1. Gently curl the lashes with an Eyelash Curler,
  2. Using slant tweezers, gently peel off the False Eyelashes from the plastic platform,
  3. Soften the band of False Eyelashes to give it a curve. if the False Eyelashes seem to be too wide for your eyes, adjust the width by trimming the outer corner,
  4. Apply a few drops of Eyelash Adhesive to the bottom edge of the False Eyelash,
  5. Wait 5-6 seconds for the Adhesive to begin to dry,
  6. Apply the False Eyelashes along upper lash line working from the outside corner of the eye inwards,
  7. Wait for the adhesive to dry completely before applying makeup.

The following are tips for caring your false eyelashes (maximize the life of your false eyelashes) from Shu Ueumra’s official website:

  1. Carefully remove the lashes from your eye by starting at one corner and slowly moving to the other.
  2. Remove any excess adhesive from the band of the false eyelash.
  3. Place back onto the original casing.
  4. Never apply mascara to the false eyelash. Always apply mascara to your own lash before putting the false style on.

If you are interested, you may visit: Shu Uemura

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