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Dramatic Eye Makeup

Dramatic Eye Makeup

Leopard pattern is always popular in the world of fashion and beauty. People wear clothes and paint their nails with leopard pattern. Have you imagined for a dramatic eye makeup tutorial for leopard pattern eyeshadow? This creative eye makeup is so sexy with your red lips. If you wish to be attractive in a party, you must learn this. Here you are!

How to do dramatic eye makeup!

Step 1: Apply foundation to your eye to even out your skin tone. You may also need to apply concealer. After the application of foundation and concealer, apply a layer of shinny cream eyeshadow (preferably gold or bronze).

Step 2: Draw an eyeline with an eyeliner pencil on you upper lid. You can end your eyeline at the outer edges with a slight upward tilt. Leopard pattern eyeshadow is wild and with the little upward tilt, you look younger, wilder and sexier.

Step 3: Now you can start drawing the leopard pattern on your upper eyelid. You do not need special painting tools or materials for that. You can simply use your liquid eyeliner. It looks complicated and difficult to draw the leopard pattern. In fact, you can imagine it as a small bracket and that will be much easier for you.

Step 4: After drawing your first small bracket, you can now draw some more randomly. You may have to be careful how far should each small bracket scatter.

Step 5: Then use dark brown eyeshadow to fill the center of each small bracket. You will see a very much completed leopard pattern.

Step 6: To be wild and sexy, you then need to draw an exaggerated eyelash on your lower lid. This lower eyeline must be extended and ended with upward tilt. Instead of eyeliner pencil, you may wish to use liquid eyeliner this time.

Step 7: After drawing the lower eyeline, apply some gold eyeshadow on the outer corner of your upper eyelid to make the whole makeup look professional. Be reminded that you only need the gold eyeshadow on the outer corner but not the whole upper lid.

Step 8: Apply your false eyelashes onto your upper lash line. After sticking your false eyelashes onto your upper lash line, you should push the false lashes upwards slightly.

Step 9 (final step): Apply red lip color to your lips. You may also apply gold and shinny lip gloss on top of your lip after that.

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