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Eyelash Implants

Eyelash Implants

What is Eyelash Implant?
Eyelash implant is a form of cosmetic surgery which gives you permanently long eyelashes. This technique is originally used for those who have eyelash defects or eyelash burns.

How Eyelash Implant is done?
As this is a cosmetic surgery, it should only be done by doctor instead of beauty technicians. The whole process is done under local anesthetic and therefore it does not create much pain. The whole process roughly takes around 3 hours.

Eyelashes implant is actually done by transplanting the hair follicles from scalp to your eye lid. Around 40 to 50 active hair follicles are taken from scalp each time. All the hair follicles are separated into individual follicle and implant to the eye lid one by one carefully. The follicles chosen for implantation should have more than 95% probability of survival after implantation. Each follicle is implanted in the same direction of your natural eyelash, or, roughly in an angle of 30 degrees to 40 degrees. This is to ensure the eyelashes look natural when they grow. There is no scar left on your eyelids. You can go home in around 30 minutes after the implantation.

Effect of Eyelash Implant
If the follicles are successfully implanted and survived, eyelashes (hairs) will grow. The result of eyelashes implants is not instant as hairs need 3-6 months to grow. As the follicles are taken from scalp, they grow like your hair. That means they will be much longer than normal eyelashes and therefore you need to trim them regularly. In addition, they tend to be thicker than natural eyelashes.

Will Eyelash Implant Affect My Scalp?
As the follicles are taken from scalp, it is important to make sure the scalp is healthy before performing this surgery. Each time, follicles from scalp (within a 2cm wide area) are taken. If the scalp is healthy, the hair loss is not noticeable.

Eyelash Implants Cost
Eyelash implant is extremely expensive compared to false eyelashes and eyelash extensions, but the cost is one off. Unlike eyelash extensions, there is no maintenance cost. Generally, it costs around $3,000 per eye.

Important Tips:
Before eyelash implant

  1. You should avoid taking medicines that contain aspirin as which may reduce the blood clotting ability of blood platelets.
  2. Inform doctor if you have high blood pressure and diabetes.
  3. Avoid such surgery during menstruation and breast-feeding.
  4. Avoid any makeup.
  5. Make sure your scalp is properly cleansed.

After eyelash implant

  1. Brush your eyelash gently to facilitate a proper growth direction.
  2. Avoid rubbing your eyes.
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