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Eyelash Extension Kit

Eyelash Extension Kit

We have talked about eyelash extensions in another post of mine. It is a new and semi-permanent way to extend your eyelashes. Most of the people or celebrities may have their eyelashes extended in a professional salon. Of course, that costs quite an amount of money. If you wish to try this new technology at a low cost, you can probably find several brands of home kits available online.

Ardell DuraLash Eyelash Extension Kit
If you are not an eyelash extension professional, you can still get your eyelashes extended at home. You can try this Ardell DuraLash Eyelash Extension Kit which is designed for home use. It is a great product yet simple and inexpensive.

For a full set of this eyelash extension kit, you will find everything you need including easy-to-follow instructions, DuraLash Individual lashes, Adhesive, Remover and Tweezers for easy application. Compared to the eyelash extensions performed in a salon, this kit is much cheaper. It costs you only $15 – $20.

Beyond Beauty Lashes Premium Eyelash Extension Kit
Other than Ardell DuraLash, you may also find this Beyond Beauty Lashes Premium Eyelash Extension Kit available online. This extension kit costs much more than the Ardell DuraLash one at around $80 -$100. The kit includes:

Aluminum Made Beauty Case
Jar of J-Curl Black – (8mm)
Jar of J-Curl Black – (10mm)
Jar of J-Curl Black – (12mm)
Jar of J-Curl (Brown)
Jar of J-Curl (Purple)
Jar of J-Curl (Blue)
Medical Grade Power Black Glue
High Grade Glue Remover
Jade Stone
Highest Quality Tweezer – Straight
Highest Quality Tweezer – Curved
Handy type rubber Air Blower
False Lashes to Practice with
Battery Powered Eyelash Curler
Medical Non-Woven Adhesive Tape for Under Eye
Bag of Micro Fiber Q-Tips
Pair of Scissors
Eyelash Comb
Instructional VCD
It is a more comprehensive kit compared to the Ardell DuraLash. But, the customer feedback for this product is not really good. Users are saying that the instruction is not clear and some of the kit items are missing. Given the price difference, you may wish to try the Ardell DuraLash instead.

There are actually some more brands of eyelashes extension kits like Oasis and Xtended Beauty, available online. As these kits are for home use, their quality varies. You have to be reminded that, there is always risk doing your eyelash extension at home by yourself. Before you actually try the kit on your eyelashes, you may wish to try it on false eyelashes first!

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