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Eyelash Growth

Every woman wants long eyelashes as they make your eyes look attractive. But unlike your hairs, you seldom notice that your eyelashes growth. Luckily, people in the west usually have longer and thicker eyelashes. It is sometimes really sad for Asian people to have shorter and thinner eyelashes. But because of that, the Asian people have discovered many different natural and cheap methods to grow their eyelashes. Let us share the idea of using fish liver oil as eyelash growth products!

Fish Liver Oil
The growth principles for eyelashes and eyebrow are the same as your hair. The most important point is nutrients. Vitamin A and E are the essential elements for hair growth. It is recommended by a friend who is a doctor that by using Vitamin A & E complex, you can get your eyelashes and eyebrows grow. The simplest way to get the Vitamin A & E complex is the fish liver oil. Apply fish liver oil onto eyelashes and eyebrows can help them grow in a short period of time.

Prepare two pills of fish liver oil. Use a sharp scissors or whatever to cut a small opening. Use a lip brush to apply to your eyebrow and a cotton bud to apply to the root of your eyelashes. Apply twice a day.

Around a week, you can notice your eyelashes are thicker on the whole. You can also see young eyelashes going out. You will also find your eyelashes stronger than before. They are not so easily shed off when you have your makeup removal.

Around a month, you can significantly notice that your eyelashes are stronger, longer and curler. Some users are saying that they notice their eyelashes grow around 3 – 4 mm. Eyelashes become even thicker and the newly grown eyelashes are thicker too. The lower eyelashes are longer. You do not need a heavy eye and eyebrow makeup anymore!

Though fish liver oil is effective, it has some drawbacks. As such liver oils are mainly for eating purpose, it is actually really oil to the thin and sensitive skin around the eye areas. If you apply too much, you may discover fat granules around your eyes.

As you have to clean your eyes before applying the fish liver oil, too much cleaning may cause your eye skin to be dry and sensitive. Therefore, you should not apply more than twice and 6 pills a day.


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