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3 New Hair Styling Tools for Perfect Hair Styles

3 New Hair Styling Tools for Perfect Hair Styles

I always agree that hairstyle is essential to change one’s look. Many of my friends think that it is so difficult to do a hair style like a pro at home. I agree that it can be difficult, so that is why we need some tools for help.

Kevin Murphy Wave Clip
I think this is a user-friendly and multiple hair curlers. It create smooth and soft flowing on straight hair. It is quite convenient and quick to use compared to hair curlers because each wave clip works on a large section of hairs. But, it may takes a bit longer time compared to the use of hot tongs and irons. You can have a wavy hairstyle by simply clicking onto the hair after applying some product and heat with your hair dryer.Around 8 clips are need for long straight hairs. I don’t need hot tongs and irons to do a wavy hairstyle with this new invention. This prevents heat damages for my hairs.

Ricky’s No-Frizz Combs
I think this product is very suitable for long hair. It is a very intelligent comb, though it does not look like. There is baking olive oil and NANO technology within the plastic comb. It does not only eliminate frizz, but also allows faster drying and inhibits bacterial growth. The most miraculous function comes from its natural hair care and oil balance function. This comb can recognize where excess natural oil deposits are and redistributes them to a proper balance

Goody Simple Styles Bun Spiral
This is definitely a nice tool for hairstyling. It helps create smooth, sleek and messy buns easily. Besides, it is suitable for all type and all length of hairs. You just need to tie a pony tail, twist it, and place bun spiral onto your bun. So easy and quick!

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